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Technics SL series turntables have become legendary with over 3 million sets being produced and used by DJs and clubs the world over. All SL models feature the undisputedly accurate, reliable and durable Quartz Direct Drive Motor, with Aluminium Diecast cabinets and heavy rubber base for vibration damping. This year Technics launch the SL1200GLD, a limited edition version of the recently released SL1210MK5G. SL1200GLD boasts gold plated metalwork and a unique limited edition serial number plaque making this a truly collectable item.
The most famous of all DJ turntables, the SL1210MK2 still outsells all others. The precision Diecast Aluminium Cabinet and rubber base ensure total stability and vibration damping and the Quartz Direct Drive Motor means precision and reliability in mixing, proven and sworn by Djs the world over. This turnable comes in Technics black finish.
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